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We Build Autonomous Things.

Transferring Intelligence to Robots.’s OS is Level Up from current autonomous techniques.

Current Autonomous techniques rely on perception learning and path learning techniques; these require ample amounts of documentation with meticulous details.

In Contrast, enables perception and path planning to be learned together giving your robots situational awareness autonomously.


The's OS Advantage

Vision end-to-end system.

Integrated automated pipe-line to automatically do perception and path planing.

Vision end-to-end training curbs the steep and expensive learning phase.

Picks up nuances of training and improves

Imitation learning, No hand coding required.

End to End Vision Functionality

Record and Play technology

Replicate human-controlled workflows autonomously. Launch new functionality in days with limited resources.  Capture subtle nuances of each task automatically.

Vision control via edge computing

Efficiently match the needed compute power to your specific needs – balancing model complexity, unit cost, and battery life. Primary vision-based with the ability to incorporate additional sensors and information.

Multiple base configurations

Completely agnostic to robot type and geometry – one system to control them all. The ability to work with any robot setup allows you to match the right robot configuration to the task at hand.

Picking and Grasping

Ability to use the same record and play technology for any robotic implement, such as robotic arms. Train complex functionality into a mobile manipulator – training the base movement and arm manipulation simultaneously.

Platform Integration

Teleoperation via 5g or WiFi (semi-autonomous)

Ability to remotely and manually control a robot or give robot new instructions. Update navigation information on the fly or take over control of autonomous robots remotely. – Roadmapped

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