Guided Assisted Mobility

Impersonate Mobility

Custom Advanced or Autonomous Control for your Business

Smash Customer Expectations by removing wait times and letting them do what they came to your facility to do. Whether we’re serving your passengers, patients, or guests, we’ll create unified solution that will seamlessly integrate and extend your existing mobility service.

  • Autonomous Self-Return
  • Autonomous Multi-Stop Route Navigation
  • Custom hardware design for B2B applications
  • Support for facility managers during the initial installment
  • Remotely Managed
  • Advertising Opportunities
Elevate your organization with a distinct touch! With IMP, not only can you brand these innovative devices with your unique company logo, but you also have the opportunity to display ads on them. By choosing IMP Autonomous Mobility Service, you're not just adding value to your business - you're setting yourself apart from the competition in a dynamic and memorable way. Don't just blend in; stand out with IMP!

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